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16 October 2011 : KATHMANDU

12.05 Touch down Kathmandu-Tribuvan via Changi

00.30 Pm : Meet with guide Mr. Kitap Tamang

01.30 Pm : Check in at Hotel Manang Thamel meet with climbing guide Mr. Pemba then checking equipment

Rent (Boot, Crampon, Harnes, Ice Axe) & purchase equipment at Kalapahatar shop Thamel  (Sunglasess, Kenmartel  )

07.00 Pm : Dinner at Rum Doodle Restaurant Thamel


DAY 1 /17 October 2011  LUKLA-PHAKDING

06.00 Am : Breakfast : Pancake & Jam & Green Tea & Air Mineral

06.15 Am : Thamel to Tribuvan Airport

07.30 Am : Check in

11.30 Am : Flight to Lukla by Agni Air

00.20 Pm : Tenzing Hillary Airport Lukla/ 2.840 m

Meeting with porter Mr. Padam is Mr. Kitap older brother and Mr. Nima

00.36 Pm : Khumbu Resort

Lunch : Dhal Bhat, Kerupuk Ladaz, Rendang Padang, Mineral Water & Green Tea.

Trekkin’ on de Trail…..just starting…..sometime very fast or too slowly from the standard time wokay….

Lukla /2.840  m to Phakding/2.610 m = 2,5 hours

Description :  The trail from Lukla, leads north from the airstrip & drops steeply for a bit, the descents gently to Phakding.

Stay at Tasik Tagey Guest House USD 3-4/night.

Dinner : Rice, Omellet, Green Tea, Mineral Water

8-5 DC



05.00  Am : Toilet, Praying & Packing

06.30 Am : Breakfast – Pancake Apple Honey, Green Tea, Mineral Water, Pastel Salty & Spicy

Phakding/2.610 m – Monjo/2.835 m = 3 hours

Monjo : Sagarmatha National Park-Entrance Ticket

Monjo-Jorsalle = 30 mnt

Lunch at River Side View Restaurant : Dhal bat, Chicken Curry, Green Tea & Mineral Water

Description :  From Phakding the trail continues north up the Dudh Koshi valley and its comes down from the Everest glacier, all along this part of the trail, there is a magnificent forest of magnolia, rhododendronron and giant firs on the cliffs above the river it is possible to see musk deer and Himalayan Tahr (suspension bridge crossing Dush Kosh River)

Jorsalle-Namche Bazaar/3.440 m = 3 hours

Description : The trail follows the river and crosses Dudh Koshi & makes a steep climb to Namche, is a very colorful Sherpa village where you see vendors.

Stay at Himalayan Lodge , 20 USD/night with attached bathroom.

Dinner : Dhal bat, green tea, mineral water

6-5 DC


DAY 3 /19 October 2011 NAMCHE BAZAAR

05.00 Am wake up, Toilet, Internet( NRs 10/minutes )

2-3 DC

05.30 Waiting for Sunrise in Namche, photo2

07.00 Am : Breakfast  Steamed Momo, Green Chily Omelet, Green Tea, Milk & Coffe

09.00 Am : Acclimatization at Namche

Visit Army Camp-View : Everest Mt, Ama Dablam Mt, Lhotse Mt, Khunde Mt, Tawache Mt, Thamserku Mt, dll.

Visit The Sherpa Culture Museum : The traditional Sherpa house is built in old design, It has all the old artefacts in its original place resembling the Sherpa way of life in the past, before the tourism began. The house consists of a family living room up stairs with a separate family praying chapel. Downstairs is the cow stable, yak dung, wood and hey store, etc.

Visit The Mt. Everest Documentation Centre : The Mt. Everest Documentation Centre contains, full history and events, that happened in Khumbu region. Complete photo collections of the Sherpa climbers who have reached the summit of Mt. Everest, like the legendary Tenzing Norgay Sherpa, first to climb  Mt. Everest and Ang Rita Sherpa, first to climb 10 times without bottled oxygen. Old days Sherpa climbers with their long history, and other mountainnering related historical events etc are displayed.

Visit Sherpa Culture Photo Gallery :  Photographic exhibition of the Sherpa culture and festivals throughout the year, such as the biggest Sherpa festival Dumjee, Sherpa wedding, Fang nying, (the summer carnival) and so on.

The way of life, people, field and hay work, transportation by yak, carpentry work, house and villages showing the changes in the past decades with an additional Museum display.

Lunch at Himalayan Lodge 2 omelet/ 2 scramblle egg , plain rice , mineral water, green tea

Shopping at Namche : selling antiques and each Saturday there is an important weeklysale or market, there have also big mountain hardware, medicines, restaurant, café, bar, clothing, souvenirs, salon, etc

Afternoon tea at Everest Bakery & Restourant : fresh brewed coffee, hot chocolate, pai apple & crroisant, tuborg beer

Internet & packing

Dinner at Himalayan Lodge : Spaggeti Tomato sauce spicy, mineral water, omelet



05.00  Am : Toilet, Praying & Packing

06.30 Am : Breakfast – Chapati & Jam, Green Tea, Mineral Water, Momo fried

Namce Bazaar/3.440 m-Phungi Tanga/ 3.250 m =  3 hours

The trail is follow of slopes big mountains up and down then descent near with river and pines, juniper, edelweiss, rhododrenron trees.

Animal : Yak, Nak, Birds, Pigeon, Crow, etc

Lunch at Sherpa Restaurant-Phungi Thanga : Dhalbat, mint tea, mineral water, fresh fruit orange

Phungi Thanga-Thyangboche/Tengboche (The spiritual Center of Khumbu Region) /3.860 m = 2 hours

There is Thyangboche Monastery, lodge, Monk’s houses, bakery, restaurant, internet, view : Everest Mt, etc

Description :  inside monastery are incredibily ornate wall hanging, a zo-foot scripture of Buddha and the musical instruments and robes of the Lamas. If our group is moky we will see Lama permonce a ceremony and hear mystical chanting and music.

Stay at Himalayan lodge/ 3.967 m is 15 USD/night

Internet NRs 200/minutes

Dinner : Fried noodle, hot chocolate, omelet egg spicy, potatoes chips, rhododeron tea, hot water

-2-5 DC (snowy)



05.00  Am : Toilet, Praying & Packing

We can not take any Everest mt view….very cold and misty n snowy…huhuhu….

06.30 Am : Breakfast – Rara Noodles soup, Sunrise breakfast package, green tea, mineral water and hot water

08.00  (Big Snowy) -5 DC

Tengboche-Deboche = 30 minutes

Tengboche-Pangboche/ 3.930 m = 1 hours

Tengboche-Shomare/ 4.040 m = 1 hours

Lunch at Lumbini Restaurant : Dhal bhat, mint tea, mineral water, omelet

Tengboche-Pheriche/ 4.240 m = 3 hours

Description : The trail almost up and down with pines trees, juniper, edelweiss, then relative a bit flat, Ama Dablam Mt view .

(suspension bridge crossing Imja Kola River)


Very hungry and freshing cold euy……when we arrived at Pheriche so….2x hot chocolate and order steam momo spicy, hot water

Meeting with HRA/Himalayan Resque Assosiation menu AMS/Acute Mountain Sickness

Stay at Snow Land lodge

Dinner : Fried chicken, kopi susu, prawn, rending, local comring, sramblle egg, hot chocolate,

-5-8 DC (too cold then we cant staying at room just into in dining room with heater)


DAY 6 /22 October 2011 PHERICHE-LOBUCHE

05.00  Am : Toilet, Praying & Packing,etc

.06.30 Am : Breakfast – Pancake, Momo, green tea, mineral water and hot water

07.30  Pheriche-Lobuche/ 4.910 =6 hours

Lunch at Thokla/Dugla ;: Yak ode & Restourant : Rara noodles soup, momo steam, green tea.

Views : Mt. Tawachee and Mt. Cholatse

Stay at Mother Earth house 250 USD/night/room

Description : The trail to ascends the broad, gently sloping valley Tholka then climbs higher on the moraine to arrow of stone monuments built in the memory of those who drops abit and follows the western side of the valley to Lobuche

Dinner : prawn, dhal bat, omelet, hot chocolate, hot water, green tea.

-6-10 DC (too cold then we cant staying at room just into in dining room with heater )



Descirption : The ascent became steepers & rougher as it crosses several side moraine, the trail make a short descent.

03.00 Am Wake up, prepare to EBC, breakfast pancake, ginger tea, black tea, hot water,

03.40 Am Lobuche –Goraksheap =4 hours (standard 2-3 hours). Strike by AMS, can not go to BCE. Setelah 2 jam trying hard akhirnya memutuskan untuk turun kembali ke Lobuche , berpisah dengan rekan yang melanjutkan ke BCE

Suhu udara diluar sangat dingin -10 s/d -15 derajat Celcius. Sehingga jari tangan dan kaki harus selalu digerakan karena jika tidak akan terasa beku dan sakit.


Day 8/24 Oktober 2011

LOBUCHE 4.910 mdpl – DINGBOCHE 4.410 mdpl

07:30 am Sarapan, hotchocolate & pudding coklat

08:30 am Lobuche menuju Thukla (1jam)

10:30 am Thukla menuju Dingboche

Pemandangan selama perjalanan menuju Dingboche adalah Puncak-puncak dari Gunung: Pumo Ri, Ama Dablam, Lhotse, Lhotse Sara, Lobuche, Mera Peak (Kong Ma Tse), Awi Peak, Kong Ma La, Pol Kha De, Nangkar Shang, dsb.

03:45 pm Tiba di Dingboche menginap di Moonlight Lodge & Restaurant.

06:30 pm Makan malam kentang bakar & jeruk panas



Day 9 / 25 Oktober 2011

DINGBOCHE 4.410 mdpl – CHUKKUNG 4.800 mdpl

07:30 am Sarapan, pudding coklat & kopi pahit

08:15 am Treking menuju Chukung 4.800 mdpl (3 jam)

Menyusuri sungai Imja Kola dengan banyak batu dan pemandangan Puncak gunung Ampu Gyabjen dan Ama Dablam

01:10 pm Tiba dan menginap di Chukkung Resort

Makan siang omelet & hot lemon

Chek alat untuk pendakian Island Peak

06:30 pm Makan malam, pancake & hot chocolate.


423720_3121338806280_691123596_nDay 10 /26 Oktober 2011


BASE CAMP 5.080 mdpl

07:30 am Sarapan, pudding coklat ,pancake, telor rebus & coklat panas

08:30 am Chukung menuju BaseCamp Island Peak (3jam) Ayung, Pema guide & Padam porter. Sepanjang perjalanan menuju base camp Ayung lebih banyak berjalan sendiri, sehingga jarak antara Ayung & Pema bisa mencapai 3–5 km. Jalur ini memang terbuka karena melintasi Lhotse Glasier yang merupakan kaki dari gunung Lhotse dan Lhotse Shar.

12:15 pm Tiba di BaseCamp Island Peak 5.080 mdpl

Base Camp ini merupakan dataran berbatu dari kaki Island Peak

Ada sekitar 50 tenda yang telah berdiri dan terbagi menjadi 2 wilayah dikarenakan ada dataran yang menyempit.

01:00 pm Makan siang, chiken soup, hot lemon & snikers

02:00 pm Rencana latihan penggunaan alat pendakian : (double boots, crampons & axe ice) tidak terlaksana karena cuaca yang sangat dingin dan berangin.

Suhu udara pada siang hari kurang lebih -10 derajat Celcius

05:00 pm Packing, untuk pendakian tengah malam.

05:30 pm Makan malam, nasi putih dan tuna, hot lemon & mineral water.

06:30 pm Waktu untuk tidur dengan maksud bisa bangun tengahmalam.

( gelisah & tegang tidak dapat tidur )

11:30 pm Pema bangun dan melihat Ayung seperti sudah bangun lebih awal.

“Ow.. you wake up early..?! “katanya.


Day 11 /27 Oktober 2011



00:00 am Minum coklat panas & snickers

Minum tablet pereda rasa sakit (ponstan) karena sakit kepala akibat tidak bisa tidur.setelah

bertanya sebelumnya pada climber Guide.

00:30 am Keluar tenda menuju Island Peak Summit (6-9 jam)

Langit cerah dan banyak bintang tapi suhu udara sangat dingin sehingga jari tangan & kaki terasa beku dan sakit ( padahal prosedur untuk penggunaan pakaian Summit Attact telah diikuti bahkan penggunaan Grabber Warmers di telapak kaki dan tangan seolah tidak berfungsi)

Suhu udara sekitar -15 s/d-20 derajat Celcius.

02:30am Tiba di High Camp Island Peak, tidak ada tenda terlihat, artinya memang tidak ada yang bermalam di High Camp Island Peak. Setelah bertanya pada Climber Guide, jawabnya

“Untuk cuaca seperti ini kami tidak menyarankan para klien untuk bermalam di highcamp karena suhunya bisa sangat ekstrim/sangat dingin.”

Sepanjang perjalanan kami menghitung kurang lebih ada sekitar 30-35 orang yang menuju Puncak Island Peak, ini bisa dilihat dari sorotan cahaya head lamp baik yang masih dibawah atau yang sudah diatas lebih dulu.

04:45 am Tiba di ice cramp tempat yang berbatasan antara jalur pendakian yang berbatu dengan jalur yang bersalju (salju abadi).

Ice cramp ini juga merupakan tempat para pendaki mengganti sepatu treeking dengan double boots dan mengenakan semua perlengkapan pendakian gunung es ( harness, carabiner, ascender, descender, axe ice & cernmantel )

Suhu udara -20 s/d -25 derajat Celcius

Air mineral menjadi es batu, sama hal nya dengan air yang ada di botol Nalgen, kecuali botol SIGG yang berisi air coklat pahit, hanya menjadi pecahan es kecil-kecil dan masih bisa diminum. Makan coklat snickers seperti menggigit sebuah hand phone/remote tv.

05:10 am Langkah pertama berjalan menggunakan crampons, axe ice dsb. Moving together dengan tali cernmantel yang disimpulkan pada harness masing-masing dan berjarak 7-8 m.

08:10 am Tiba di First Ascend, merupakan tempat mulai pendakian dengan ascender/jumar dan axe ice dengan lintasan tali kurang lebih 40-45 m.

09:10 am Summit. Foto-foto hanya dapat 5-6 shoot, dikarenakan problem batere camera.

09:25 am Turun menuju base camp dikarenakan sakit dan pegal di seluruh kaki, sangat ngantuk, sakit kepala, sesak nafas dan sangat lemas/tidak bertenaga alias gejala AMS (Altitude Mountain Sicknes)

Kondisi fisik saat turun menuju basecamp Island Peak sama persis dengan kondisi fisik ketika berjalan turun dari Gorak Shep menuju Lobuche (pengalaman yang paling tidak mengenakan selama bepergian).

11:45 am Tiba di Tenda Base camp dan langsung tidur

12:45 pm Bangun tidur, makan siang, chiken soup & hot lemon

02:30pm Tiba di Chukung, makan Snicker & cocacola

04:45 pm Tiba di Dingboche

08:00 pm Makan malam


Day 12/ 28 Oktober 2011 DINGBOCHE – NAMCHE BAZAR

07:30 am Sarapan, havermut, telor rebus & kopi

08:30 am Dingboche menuju Debuche (3.820m dpl)

11:20 am Makan siang, kentang goreng & hot lemon

12:10 pm Debuche menuju Namche Bazar

05:30 pm Tiba di Namche Bazar, Himalayan Logde

06:30 pm Makan malam, pudding coklat, pancake & hot lemon


Day 13 / 29 Oktober 2011


07:15 am Sarapan, kentang goreng, omelet dan kopi

09:10am Namche menuju Phakding (3jam)

12:30 pm Tiba di Phakding, makan siang, Nasi goreng, telur dadar & hotlemon

01:15pm PhakdingmenujuLukla(3jam30menit)

04:45 pm Tiba di Lukla menginap di Khumbu Resort Logde

06:30 pm Makan malam, cake chocolate & coffee


Day 14 / 30 Oktober 2011


07:30 am Sarapan, Pancake, telor rebus & kopi

11:00 am Chek inn Bandara Lukla

12:30 pm PenerbanganAgniAirLukla–Kathmandu

01:30 pm Tiba di Bandara Kathmandu Tribuvan

02:15 pm Chek in Treeking Inn. Thamel


Day 15 /31 Oktober 2011


Jalan-jalan di sekitar Thamel, Kathmandu.

Makan malam di Sisha Restaurant & Bar, Thamel


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